These fine companies provide us and the entire hunting community with quality
products to chase our dreams hunting all across the country, state, county, or even
just small farms along the way. Regardless of where or why we are hunting, know
that we choose who we want as sponsors and endorse only those who we feel
100% confident in. Endorsing and promoting products known to have problems or
are simply ineffective is irresponsible and misleading. The pro-staff here at One Shot
Outdoors wants you to know that if we shoot it, wear it, or simply use it you too
can feel comfortable with the quality of the products. Therefore, take a look at the
fine sponsors we have confidence in by clicking on their web address provided and
you too may decide to utilize these products.
This 6x6 Bull Elk taken in Idaho
while hunting at Kohls Outfitting
This is proof positive that the
sponsored products actually do
Honey Hole Outfitters           

Kohls Outfitting                   
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