One Shot Outdoors is eager to present our first ever hunting DVD.  As with any new founding production
company, we aim to produce only quality entertainment for our viewers. To do
this, we are being careful not to publish our work until we feel comfortable with the results.
Therefore, the projected sales date of our first hunting DVD is set for December 2008. In the
meantime, stay tuned for our list of quality sponsors, hunting tips/advice, outfitter choices,and
successful pictures of game animals which will become part of future DVDs.

   One Shot Outdoors hunt because of the passion to do so. For us, it is not about the money, fame, fortune, or
publicity which comes along with producing hunting DVDs and a future television program;
hunting is about enjoying  this significant part of our lives. It is about the emotion, pleasure,
and freedom experienced while pursuing wild game animals, but more importantly it is about
the experiences we have with family and friends along the way.

   One Shot Outdoors has been established to accommodate those hunters who feel that many DVD  or television
hunting programs make harvesting trophy animals seem like an easy
chore. In reality, this is no easy chore, let alone capturing it all on film. This is where our
production values fit into the picture. We aim to produce quality hunting DVDs which
expresses our sincere passion for hunting. The footage may shake a little or even be out of
focus a bit, but the passion, dedication, and love is always perfected deep in our hearts. This
feeling inside is one that only a true hunter or outdoors men can understand, try to explain, or
even know that exists. The goal for our DVDs is to capture entertaining hunts or experiences
while conveying to the audience how things really happen in 100% fair chase, 100% totally
wild, real world hunting situations without a bunch of rehearsed scenes. We are not actors;
we are natural  born hunters/outdoorsmen with a privilege to do so and share it with, you, the
viewing audience. Come along and see what One Shot Outdoors is all about!
One Shot Outdoors-About us (Thoughts and Goals)